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We are pleased to announce the latest updates to our phone and tablet scoring software, Play-Cricket Scorer and also Play-Cricket Live, our live scores app.
This includes some major changes to make scoring easier, such as our new auto-correct feature on editing of previous balls through entire innings.
For further important information and release notes, please click here 
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1. September 2007 - Bristol - P2, W0, L2 - Camping, cider and the Wurzels

2. September 2008 - Bristol - P1, W0, L1 - Underage hockey and the birth of Gents v Players

3. September 2009 - Bristol - P2, W0, L1, NR1 - TFL Dave running on the pitch

4. October 2009 - Athens - P2, W0, L2 - Behlly's binbag of beers, Paulo 1-0-26-0, "I want to dance in a circle", Ravi and the Nigerian crack-whores, the mysterious metal bar

5. September 2010 - Saumur - P2, W1, L1 - Wine tours, Dowsey's hat-trick that never was, Jean-Claude, Bingo and the loose-moralled teenagers

6. September 2012 - Worcester - P2, W1, L1 - The coaching horn, Behlly's blood, all the food in the world

7. September 2013 - Worcester - P2, W0, L2 - Freddy's provincial roots, Doddy and Dixon sticking to the script

8. September 2014 - Worcester - P2, W1, L1 - Doddy's 90th innings yielding over 10% of his career runs, LICC in Hotel Drugs Shame, Doddy's obsession with BBC Radio Worcester's Pam Caulfield being about as healthy as his diet

9. April 2015 - Barbados - P1, W0, L1, 1 cancelled - Biggest-ever defeat (even after the oppo declared after 32 overs), Helen outscoring five batsmen, Freddy's assault of the oppo bowling, Paulo breaking his nose with a catamaran toilet door, boat trip, beaches, rum punches, fish cakes, two days at the Test (and Cooky's ton), meeting Botham, Swann, Aggers and Nasser, Sarge's cheese shandy, Hongy's complaining, the amazing TOUR shirts getting us on Sky Sports, Paulo's help-the-aged post-Test dancing, Flake and Gus on the Game, Flake's failure at the Stag throw-a-ball-at-a-target game (and Gus's success)

10. September 2015 - Slovenia - P2, W1, L1 - Paulo's ton, Doddy playing for the oppo after turning up late because of taking the wrong passport to the airport, Behlly invading a random Chinese woman's bed, Harvey's attempt at a catch, TFL's over for 28, prettiest ground in the world, the dystopian land of all the bars, mad Man Utd table-football-playing man, Canadian Dave, Sarge's wardrobe issues, TFL's pavement face-plant, the gay-club cage

Future TOURs programme

2016 - Prague, the North

2018 - Sri Lanka

Overall TOUR record: P18, W4, L13, NR1

Most Frequent TOURists (out of 10 tours and 18 matches)

1: Paulo Davies (10 tours, 18 matches)

2: David Wilson (9 tours, 17 matches)

3: Daniel Dodman (8 tours, 14 matches)

4: Neil Davis (7 tours, 11 matches)

5: Michael Behl (7 tours, 9 matches)

6: Alan Hutchinson (5 tours, 9 matches)

7: Graham Clinton (4 tours, 6 matches)

=: Paul Dixon (4 tours, 6 matches)

=: Christopher Hong (4 tours, 6 matches)

10: Harvey Bowman (4 tours, 7 matches)